Breakfast at the Campsite

One of the best meal of the day can be a super easy one at the campsite! Try Eggs in a Ziploc Bag. Get a Large Ziploc container to put several eggs in, a Ziploc bag or container to put your favorite vegetables in (i.e. bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, peppers, etc), and of the course we can’t for forget shredded cheese.

Add an egg or two to a quart Ziploc bag, add your favorite vegetables, cheese, ham, etc, shake the bag, squeeze out the air, seal the Ziploc bag and stick it in a pot of boiling water for about 10-13 minutes. Remove the Ziploc bag from the water, open, let your “Omelet” out onto your plate and enjoy your delicious breakfast!

Photo provided by Flickr


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