Featured Lodging of the Month

Hassle-Free houseboats were new to Prizer Point Marina & Resort in 2012. These beautiful lodging units are exactly what they say, Hassle-Free. Bring your family, food, and be ready to relax on the top deck! Hassle-free houseboats have everything you would need for the perfect vacation tableware, pots & pans, linens, towels, and more than enough room for everyone.


Hassle-Free Houseboats are three-bedroom, one-bathroom with a shower, a large TV sitting area, full-size kitchen, two-bedrooms with queen beds, and one-bedroom with a set of bunk beds with a full size bed on the lower bunk, and a twin size bed on the upper bunk. Off the two-bedrooms with the queen size bed is a back deck with access from both bedrooms. Walk out the front door and head up-stairs to the beautiful view from the top deck, complete with a bar & four barstools, a TV, a table with four chairs, and lounge chairs to sit back and enjoy the sound of the water. Hassle-Free houseboats sleep twelve people max.

To start planning your family vacation in a Hassle-Free Houseboat give us a call at 270-522-3762.


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